Body Shop LLC

152 S State Hwy 39

Greenfield, MO  65661



Open M-F 8:00-5:00


After Hours Towing


Wreck-O-Mended Fireworks


Biggest bang, lowest prices!


Two locations:      458 S. Grand Street in Greenfield, MO

                                (formerly Ric's Custom & Classic Cars shop)


                                206 E. 4th in Lockwood, MO  

                                (on Hwy 160 accross                                                                               from Lockwood elementary school)

Featuring Top Brands

* Red Rhino *

* Texas Outlaw * Hog Wild * Full Blown Fireworks * 

* 76 Proline * Cannon * Sky Bacon *   

Offering an extensive variety of your favorite fireworks including firecrackers, sparklers, roman candles, cones and fountains, multi-shot aerials, cake assortments, combo and family pack assortments, and novelties.